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Before you move to New Zealand

How much do international removals to New Zealand cost?

How much it will cost for overseas removals of your belongings depends on how much you actually want to transport and where you are shipping it to.

Prices start from £3,600 GBP up to £6,440 GBP.

Excess Baggage

We can also ship excess baggage from as little as £150.

Restricted and prohibited items 

The New Zealand Government controls the import of certain goods into the country. If you’re wondering what you can’t take to New Zealand, here’s the list of custom regulations:

For more information on customs regulations, please contact us directly.

How long do removals to New Zealand take

If you are shipping your belongings in your own exclusive use container (known as a Full Container Load [FCL] service), the transit time is approximately between 8-10 weeks door to door.

Which cities in New Zealand do you do removals to?

Moving to New Zealand

How are my belongings packed?

Provide you with professional packing teams who are accredited by the British Association of Removers (BAR).

Specialist, high quality export packing materials are sourced in order to provide maximum protection for your personal effects and household goods. As we are overseas removals specialists, all packing team members are experts in export packing techniques.

Can I ship my car, motorbike, or other vehicle?

You can either ship your car within your own exclusive use container or as part of our shared container service. Simply tell us the car make and model so that we can work out the volume to be included as part of the shipping.

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Arriving in New Zealand


Customs clearance and quarantine

To protect New Zealand’s clean environment and mainly pest free wildlife, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has issued strict regulations for shipping to New Zealand. Certain items in your shipment may be inspected by MPI upon arrival in New Zealand such as food, wooden products, items made from plant material, wicker, garden furniture and sports equipment.

The inspection will take place at our partner’s warehouse in New Zealand.

Items which may be subject to inspection by MPI upon an international move include: